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Why QuickNamer?

QuickNamer is made for the music interested witch
want to do something about his/her unorganized mp3
collection with ease!
It's very simple, just drag the music-files to QuickNamer
and it will connect to internet and receive information about
the music automatically, just like MoodLogic.
It also supports musicbrainz database with music fingerprint
(TRM-id) witch has ower a million tracks!

In Depth Information

When a file is dropped the program takes an audio sample
from the music-file which it send to TRM-server and
generates an audio fingerprint witch it sends back.
This fingerprint is sent along with other info such
duration of the song to MusicBrainz.
If it doesn't find anything more, info is sent to MusicBrainz.
MusicBrainz then sends the correct
information/metadata (such as artist, song and album) back to the QuickNamer program.
The program then saves the information in the mp3 files
(ID3, ID3v2) so that you can view the correct information
using your favorite music player.
Then it renames the files accordingly.
But if that's not enough it also displays some similar artists that you may like, using EchoCloud.

Links for better understanding: =)
EchoCloud's homepage
MusicBrainz's homepage
The specifications for ID3

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